The Allotment

An engaging interactive installation


The Vegetable Nannies invite you to join them in their Allotment for a bit of gardening and childcare. They love nothing more than proudly showing off their allotment cherubs.

Come and get stuck into the daily duties of feeding, bathing and caring for the baby fruits and vegetables. Audiences are encouraged to befriend, feed and comfort all manner of earthen toddlers, such as Barbara the downhill-racing watermelon, Jessica, the Sweet-Potato beauty queen & David, the talented little Marrow whose ambition is to become a stage actor. 

'Who doesn't love the Vegetable Nannies and their beautiful Allotment? An absolute pleasure to work with, Plunge Boom produce magical, imaginative and family friendly street theatre at its very finest, truly understanding the Back to Ours ethos of bringing world class arts to communities in Hull – Right on your Doorstep. From church halls to community centres they transform ordinary spaces in to extraordinary ones and are a firm Back to Ours favourite, packing out community venues with little ones dying to get their hands on some very characterful fruit and veg. Charming, funny and beautiful; go and see them near you if you can!’