Equal Opportunities Policy

Plunge Boom
Updated Feb 2019
Person Responsible: Mimi Faulks (Production Manager)

Plunge Boom is committed to supporting all people, regardless of age, sex, race, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation and pregnancy/maternity to be part of, benefit from and enjoy Plunge Boom, in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

All employees of Plunge Boom, including freelance staff, are expected to respect and act in accordance with this policy and that any bullying or harassment is totally unacceptable and subject to action.

Plunge Boom uses the following definitions...

Discrimination is when a person is prevented from taking part, being employed or enjoying something based on a particular characteristic they have.

Harassment is when someone behaves in a way which makes someone else feel distressed, humiliated or threatened. 

Plunge Boom is committed to creating experiences that are inclusive, inviting and accessible to all, especially young people and will continue to create content that all young people, regardless of ability, skill and life experiences can learn from, enjoy and participate with. Plunge Boom will continually strive to create work that allows all young people and their families and teachers, to learn, grow and have fun.