Health and Safety in Educational Settings

Plunge Boom
Updated Feb 2019
Person Responsible: Mimi Faulks (Production Manager)

Plunge Boom is committed to adhering to health and safety procedures when visiting education settings. Before visiting each school we will ensure we are up-to-date with their own polices and understand they have priority over our own delivery.

Plunge Boom Performers & Artists

All artists are covered by their own Public Liability Insurance unless solely working for Plunge Boom on a freelance basis.

Plunge Boom carry Employer’s Liability Insurance.

Performers are asked not to take risks by agreeing to do work that is beyond their capabilities. Performers/ artists should let Mimi or Ben know if they’re concerned by ANY aspect of the job so they can be reassured, trained accordingly or re-assigned.

Any incidents of violence, bullying, harassment or discrimination should be reported immediately to Plunge Boom Directors Mimi and Ben. Performers should neither cause or contribute to such situations.

All performers should have an up-to-date DBS

Performers Guidelines related to working in schools and EYFS settings

Performers should avoid taking valuables to work with them.

Performers should refer to the Event Information Documents that the Production Manager (Mimi Faulks) emails for each booking. The Production Manager will include any Health & Safety Information specific to the particular booking here.

Upon arrival at a school, performers should ask the main contact for any relevant Health & Safety information. This will be with regards to security staff and any security measure that have been put in place, any fire safety procedures and access to medical equipment and first aiders.

Performers should ask the school which teachers will be present at all times during the session.

Performers are responsible for their own safety whilst travelling to schools.

Performers travel to schools at their own risk.

If driving, ensure you take regular breaks when driving.

Specific Information related to Let’s Grow in Schools and EYFS settings for performers and teachers

Ensure that younger children don’t pull off the googly eyes and put them in their mouth as this could be a choking hazard.

For hygiene reasons, children must not put the Babies dummies and the bottles in their own mouths.

Please note, the bottles that we provide are sealed off with hot glue so that no liquid comes out. If liquid starts to come out, teachers can re-seal them themselves with the glue gun provided.

Younger children who are still learning how to follow instructions must be supervised by an adult at all times when playing with the characters. A good way to manage this is to have an allocated space for holding and playing with the babies (such as on the circular turf) where an adult is always close by.

The interactive show is best enjoyed by 15 students at a time, we recommend this number so each student can get the most out of the show and staff can supervise young people more effectively.