Safeguarding Procedure

Plunge Boom
Updated February 2019
Person Responsible: Mimi Faulks (Production Manager)

All staff and volunteers have responsibility to follow the guidance laid out in this policy and related policies, and to pass on any welfare concerns using the required procedures.

We expect all staff and volunteers to promote good practice by being an excellent role model, contribute to discussions about safeguarding and to positively involve people in developing safe practices.

The Designated Safeguarding lead is Mimi Faulks, Plunge Boom. Her responsibilities are:

  • to ensure sufficient resources (time and money) are allocated to ensure that the policy can be effectively implemented

  • to promote the welfare of children and vulnerable adults

  • to ensure staff (paid and unpaid) have access to appropriate training/information

  • to receive staff concerns about safeguarding and respond to all seriously, swiftly and appropriately through liaison with school staff at an appropriate level

  • keep up to date with local arrangements for safeguarding and DBS

  • take forward concerns about responses

Safe Recruitment

Plunge Boom ensures safe recruitment through requiring all staff and volunteers to have a current DBS certificate, or to use the DBS Update Service through which their DBS Certificate can be validated.

Expectations of our staff and volunteers

Professional boundaries are what define the limits of a relationship between a support worker and a client. They are a set of standards we agree to uphold that allows this necessary and often close relationship to exist while ensuring the correct detachment is kept in place.

Plunge Boom expects staff to protect the professional integrity of themselves and the organisation. The organisation expects its staff to conduct themselves within the code of conduct of the schools, theatres or other venues which they are visiting.

Occasionally Plunge Boom will offer volunteer placements through work with our partner theatres. In these instances Plunge Boom will ensure relevant DBS clearance is obtained for anyone coming into contact with our school groups. They will at no time have responsibility for the supervision of school groups.

It is essential that qualified school staff members are present at all times when staffs from Plunge Boom are working in schools. Any issues of inappropriate behaviour or language must be dealt with by the school staff member.


Staff and volunteers representing Plunge Boom must always refer any incidents, issues or disclosures (including those of bullying or harassment) to an appropriate member of staff (or a senior member of staff if the conduct of staff members causes concern).

Staff and volunteers representing Plunge Boom may be required to complete a written statement concerning the incident they witnessed, and must always provide a truthful and full account of the issue they are reporting.

Staff and volunteers representing Plunge Boom must inform the Designated Safeguarding lead (Mimi Faulks) of any issues they have reported; so that this can be followed up with the appropriate school should any further information be required.

Each time Plunge Boom deliver a project in a school, they will make themselves familiar with their placement school’s safeguarding procedure and ensure this is followed at all times. Any concerns regarding individual pupils’ wellbeing will be addressed with the designated lead for safeguarding and Plunge Boom practitioners will always provide a written statement should this be appropriate. Schools will liaise directly with Mimi Faulks should there be any concerns on the school’s part.

Photographic Consent

Plunge Boom operates a number of projects which involve the taking of photographs/ video footage by professional photographers. These photographs/ videos are taken only if expressed consent has been granted by parents/ carers, and is not shared publicly (only with the teacher from the school), unless specific consent on behalf of all of the children/ young people who are in the photograph has been given. For more information, please see our GDPR and privacy policy.

No Plunge Boom staff will use a personal devise, including mobile phones or cameras, to take photos or videos during any Plunge Boom work.